Twisty™ Glass Slim Tubes (2)

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*For Twisty™ Glass Slim Only*

Don't be caught without a couple of extra Twisty™ Glass Slim Tubes!

These Twisty™ Glass Slim Tubes are made of 2MM thick glass. Use it as replacement glass tubes for your Twisty™ Glass Slim or to store your fine delicious contents.


  • 2 Twisty™ Glass Slim Tubes
  • 4 Twisty™ Silicone Mini/Slim Caps

Q) Do you ship internationally?

A) Yes! We ship out of California to all 50 states including Guam, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands, and American Samoa.
We also ship to Canada (We prepay the customs fee so you have no surprises)
We ship to all EU member countries.
We ship to Australia.
We ship to Chile (only $9.99 for most combos)
We ship to Japan.

Counterfeit products and websites

7Pipe operates exclusively under Our genuine products are available on our official site or through authorized reseller websites or smoke shops in the US and throughout the world. If you want to know if a reseller is authorized, please email

The best way to distinguish between authentic and counterfeit is to compare packaging. This is the packaging of an authentic Twisty: (photo here)

Most listings on EBay, Amazon, Groupon, Alibaba, Temu, Wish, and Etsy platforms sell counterfeit 7Pipe products. If the price is cheap, you get what you pay for. Cheap Twisty pipes have high lead levels and super thin plating, so that the smoker is exposed to lead when the thin plating flakes off. There are however a few sellers of authentic 7Pipe products on these platforms. Be wary.

We cannot perform after-sales service on counterfeit pipes. If you encounter a counterfeit glass blunt seller, please notify us. Please visit our Product Safety page(link) for more information.

Sizing Guide

There is a perfect size Twisty Glass Blunt for you. Twisty Original has a larger cherry than the slim or mini, so your lungs should be prepared for some large clouds. It also holds more herb, so a larger supply helps. Do you share your glass blunt or smoke solo? If you share, consider the XL for a larger sesh.

Q) How Do I Clean MyTwisty?

A) Isopropyl Alcohol and a paper towel can be used to clean the augur on your glass blunt, or soak the whole apparatus in isopropyl alcohol for some time to loosen the sticky resin. To clear the air holes, use a paper clip or our resin pokers(link) to extract the resin. Then clean the holes with the included brush after first dipping the brush in alcohol.

Q) How long is the Warranty for?

A) Our Glass blunts have a 365 day worry-free guarantee. The Suka Pipe has a 2 year worry-free warranty. Glass is usually a component of 7Pipe products and presents an interesting warranty problem. If not dropped, glass can last a lifetime and even show no wear and tear. However, it is brittle and will easily break if dropped. We therefore can’t protect glass under our warranty.

Q) How Do I Clean My Suka Pipe?

A) The first thing to do is don’t throw away the plastic tub it came in! It is the perfect size to soak your parts in isopropyl alcohol. The trackball, glass bowl, and bottom plate tend to accumulate the most resin. Soak those pieces overnight. Then use a Q-tip to clean out the bowl and ball.
If your Suka pipe clogs during use, find any pointy object like a toothpick, twig, or straightened paper clip. Poke clear these three spots: the mouthpiece hole, the glass bowl hole, and the four smoke path holes in the trackball. Just turn the ball all the way until you can see those holes. Your pipe will now function.

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