Twisty™ Glass Mini Bong
Twisty™ Glass Mini Bong
Twisty™ Glass Mini Bong

Twisty™ Glass Mini Bong

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The Ultimate Portable Bong. Enjoy our groundbreaking vape-style bong technology with the new 7pipe Twisty™ Glass Mini Bong! We have re-designed the traditional bong and elevated it to provide ultimate infinite experiences. Now in a smaller and more portable size!

The Twisty™ Glass Mini Bong is specially engineered to minimize the amount of oxygen intake you experience with each pull. With those other bongs, you experience a large uncontrolled pull with a lot of oxygen mixed with your extract or dry herb vapors, when that hits your lungs, you are destined for a burning and coughing sensation. Our bulb design allows for a smooth circular rotation of airflow with each pull, resulting in a minimal amount of oxygen with each pull giving you pure flavors of your extract or dry herb.

Each mouthpiece is designed to provide the smoothest of hits, very similar to a vaporizer. You can now sip on your extract or dry herb nice and easy with the duckbill mouthpiece. Want a bigger hit? We got you. Simply switch out the mouthpiece to the wide duckbill or tube mouthpiece and experience big rips with minimal effort. Want an even bigger hit? Just remove the mouthpiece and take a hit straight from the glass.

Go from extract or dry herb in seconds. We've designed the Twisty™ Glass Mini Bong with extract lovers in mind. The 7pipe Twisty™ Glass Mini Bong comes with a quartz banger and carb cap so you can enjoy smooth pulls of your extracts. Experience all the flavors your extracts and dry herb have to offer with the Twisty™ Glass Mini Bong.

7pipe Twisty™ Glass Mini Bong is an exclusive collaboration piece with Tokers Notes. Thank you for partnering with us and designing this awesome creation! Our Twisty mini bong comes with a mini Twisty!

Size: 7 1/2 inches tall, 8 inches wide. 


  • 1 7pipe Twisty™ Glass Mini Bong
  • 1 mini Twisty
  • 1 Twisty™ Dabber
  • 3 Mouthpieces: Tube, Duckbill, Wide Duckbill
  • 1 Quartz Banger
  • 1 Flower Bowl
  • 1 Carb Cap
  • 1 14"-18" Adaptor (fits all your existing bowls)
  • 1 Flower Adaptor (take oil to flower hits)

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