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  • Unique UFO Design: The Suka Pipe's innovative design stands out, offering both form and function.
  • High Capacity: Holds 3 or more grams of pre-ground smoking material, ideal for longer sessions.
  • Simple Cleaning: Soak the disassembled Suka in isopropyl alcohol, and even use the packaging tub as a soaking container.
  • Material Quality: Made from premium anodized aluminum, platinum-cured silicone, and quartz glass for a pure smoking experience.
  • Customization Options: From optional donut filters to alien cockpit features, the Suka Pipe offers numerous ways to personalize your experience.
  • Estimated Delivery (USA):Feb 25 - Feb 29

  • 30 Day Returns Policy: On All Orders

An influencer that 7Pipe works with asked us: Why would someone buy the Suka pipe over the Twisty?
I thought about it and here is my answer. 
-both pipes store and dispense herb easily but the Suka does it without resinating the stored herb, where the Twisty resinates the herb behind it. But that’s also why the Twisty is so smooth.
-If you need a pipe that will not break if you drop it, like at a music festival or during hiking or camping, then you will want the Suka pipe.  Glass encased in silicone. If you drop Twisty, there’s a chance it will break.
-If your friend wants to add herb to the pile you have inside your Suka, it's easy.  With Twisty, you’re stuck with what you put in until you’re done smoking it.
-You can also easily create your own unique mix by shaking up two different strains together inside the Suka.
-If you’re a fan of UFO mythology like we are, then you might appreciate how the Suka pipe simply recycles that classic form factor.
As far as I know, no other flower pipe past present or possibly future can actually do what the Suka Pipe does so efficiently.
This is not my definitive or exhaustive list, but these are some ideas that popped into my mind.
PS. The Suka Pipe is a little more expensive because it takes a lot of time to carve the Suka from a solid cylinder of aluminum. 

PSS. It's also kinda cute that an alien is included with the purchase of a Suka Pipe.

Q) Do you ship internationally?

A) Yes! We ship out of California to all 50 states including Guam, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands, and American Samoa.
We also ship to Canada (We prepay the customs fee so you have no surprises)
We ship to all EU member countries.
We ship to Australia.
We ship to Chile (only $9.99 for most combos)
We ship to Japan.

Q) How Do I Clean My Suka Pipe?

A) The first thing to do is don’t throw away the plastic tub it came in! It is the perfect size to soak your parts in isopropyl alcohol. The trackball, glass bowl, and bottom plate tend to accumulate the most resin. Soak those pieces overnight. Then use a Q-tip to clean out the bowl and ball.

If your Suka pipe clogs during use, find any pointy object like a toothpick, twig, or straightened paper clip. Poke clear these three spots: the mouthpiece hole, the glass bowl hole, and the four smoke path holes in the trackball. Just turn the ball all the way until you can see those holes. Your pipe will now function.

Q) How long is the Warranty for?

A) Our Glass blunts have a 365 day worry-free guarantee. The Suka Pipe has a 2 year worry-free warranty. Glass is usually a component of 7Pipe products and presents an interesting warranty problem. If not dropped, glass can last a lifetime and even show no wear and tear. However, it is brittle and will easily break if dropped. We therefore can’t protect glass under our warranty.




    Rest easy knowing a comprehensive 2-year warranty is included with every Suka Pipe purchase.


    The packaging tub not only stores but also doubles as a soaking container for easy, thorough cleaning.


    Crafted from top-grade anodized aluminum, platinum-cured silicone, and high-quality quartz glass for durability.


    Unique rotating trackball allows for hassle-free, quick reloading of the bowl.


    Choose optional add-ons like donut filters and an alien cockpit to fully enhance your Suka Pipe experience.



Discover what the buzz is all about! Check out these YouTube reviews showcasing the Suka Pipe, a viral sensation in the smoking community.


This isn't just a pipe; it's a masterpiece inspired by the allure of UFO mythology. The Suka Pipe captures the essence of extraterrestrial wonder and transforms it into a smoking experience like no other. UFO-inspired design, a glass bowl for a pure smoke, and a whole galaxy of optional features make the Suka Pipe a must-have for any enthusiast.


No more hassles or waiting. With Suka Pipe's unique rotating trackball feature, reloading your bowl is fast and seamless. Our advanced design eliminates the need to disassemble, making your smoking experience more efficient and enjoyable. This is the next generation in pipe technology, and it's only available with Suka.


Make your Suka Pipe truly yours. From optional donut filters that reduce tar and resin, to a range of color options and even an optional alien that fits into the glass cockpit, customization has never been this fun or easy. Be the trendsetter and style your Suka Pipe to match your vibe.

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How to get the most out of your new Suka.

A Note About Product Safety

We take our reputation seriously. When it comes to materials, we only use the most expensive and pure metals. Our proprietary titanium coating has six layers, each serving a vital purpose in our engineering. We use laboratories accredited by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission to test all our products. We also voluntarily test for and exceed the standards set by European Union RoHS standards for Restriction of Hazardous Substances.

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